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House utilities in Spain today

Hints for the House Supplies in Spain

Hints about the house utilities in Spain

The electricity, the water supply... We are use to these things at home, but, how does it work abroad? There are various issues that you need to know to contract the right thing and avoid to pay what doesnt belong to you.

It is important to know which documents are needed to sign up with with the provider, the wattage to contract depending your needs, ...

How contract the utilities in Spain

All about house utilities in Spain today

The process of hiring a new supply has become easier. Nowadays with the united energy market, is possible to contract the utilities with any company, existing multiple offers combining the different supllies (electricity, gas) being a must to analyze our needs to understand which one is the best.

Therefore, the first thing to do is decide what is the best offer according our requirements.

Once signed up with the supplier by submitting all necessary documentation, the distributor will come to our house to install the meter and other necessary equipment, so that we "plug" to the network.

Which documents do I need to contract the supply?

  • Copy of Fiscal Identification Number (NIE) of the person who will own the new contract. In the case of being company who is hiring, is required a copy of the Company Tax Identification Number (CIF)

  • Copy of the certificate of occupancy of the dwelling or first occupation license. In the case of premises, Activity license.

  • Copy of Installation Certificate, properly signed by the installer and sealed by the Technical Department of the Autonomous Community.

  • Copy of the deed (or lease, in case of renting), for the correct identification of the supply owner.

The installation certificates

This is an official document issued by a licensed electrician, plumber, or official gas installer, depending the matter.

It certifies that the installation meets the legal and technical requirements. It reflects the main features of the installation, such as the capacity and maximum permissible, besides to ensuring the installation quality.

These certificates are required to contract a new supply. In the event that the supply already exists in the property and do not want to vary the conditions of the contract (wattage), is not necessary to present the Certificates. In such case only is needed to make a change in ownership, which saves time and money.

House utilities in new developments

Where is must to be extremely careful is in the newly built developments. Although we see that there are electric or water supply, this may be as result of the dwelling is using the electricity or water employed by the contractor for execution of the works.

As we have seen before, for hiring new utilities the first occupation license is mandatory, without which, although the technical certificates of the different installations are ready, the supply companies do not sign up the property.

Unpaid bills of House utilities in Spain

When we make a new contract hiring utilities in our new home we should not worry about this issue. The problem comes when we do the change of ownership of a supply on a second hand property.

It is possible that the former owner has outstanding consumption due to unpaid bills or that has not yet been read the supply meter at the time of the purchase.

It is advisable at the time of the change of ownership check the meter reading the previous consumption in order to be charged to the seller.

In case there are unpaid bills by the previous owner, when making a new supply contract, they cannot be claimed to us since the liability for these contracts is personal to the holder and property is not liable in any case.

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