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NO legal fee buying property in Spain

How it works?

The Facts



The Fees

  • Sp Legal / In Spain Today team is composed of, among other professionals, Spanish Lawyers and Official Real Estate Agents.

  • The Real Estate Agents in Spain, for their work of promoting, advising and selling a property, normally charge 5% of the selling price.

  • The Lawyers in Spain for a basic intervention in a purchase process charge a fee between 1% and 2% of the property price. The basic intervention consist in: Checking the charges on the property, Draw up the purchase contract and Preparation of purchase deeds. End of story.

  • If the lawyer intervention is more complicated, the fees will increase.

Your Power as a Buyer

  • Today in Spain there are a tremendous amount of properties for sale and few buyers.

  • Use the power you have as a buyer, instead of going directly to a realtor, developer, or even a private seller, to purchase the property, do it through us and receive a full service of legal advice, guidance during the buying and execution of whole works related to the purchase. Without any extra charge.


The Result

  • As Real Estate Agents, if you hire our services, our fees are paid by the property seller.

  • A team of qualified professionals will assist you in the purchase process free of charge. 

In addition...Safe

  • As Spanish Official Real Estate Agents and Lawyers, Our professional activities are covered by liability insurances to protect your interests in case of error or misconduct.

What do we do for you?

Finding the property in Spain

ticket services without cost buying property in Spain

Once you have contacted us requesting our help we will work together to find a property in Spain according to your preferences and budget.

No matter how long it takes, we will end up presenting to you all the available properties according to your requirements and budget in the area you're looking for.

After doing the preliminary selection of properties, we will go by a first legal checking of the chosen ones in order to know everything about them prior to the visit.

When you have decided the properties to visit, We will prepare the visitation schedule according to your availability, solving the questions that could come across.


In the case of you have found a property by your self and want to have our services for free, you must let us contact with the seller first and introduce you as our client. we will negotiate our fee with the seller in advance.


Property Found

negotiations buying property in Spain

Together in Negotiations

If you like any of the properties, then we will begin together the negotiations trying to get, besides the best price, the best agreement for your own interest.


Property Appraisal

The first and most important thing, before starting with the negotiations, will be to make a property valuation taking into account all the factors that could have influence in the investment you are thinking to make. This valuatión will tell us the real price of the property in market terms and whether a technical examination of the property is needed.


Check the Property

Meanwhile the due diligence works are being done by us, checking charges and encumbrances and every other aspect that could affect to the purchase. We look for that when the contract is prepared, all the circumstances and how to deal with them are determined.


Drawn up the Contract and preparation of purchase Deeds

When the contract is signed we will arrange every thing and do the work necessary to you acquire the property free of liens and prior debts. The signing of the property deeds before a notary will be smooth , without surprises, according to all that were agreed.


Everything to complete the purchase process

blackboard infography conveyancing property in Spain today



We will take care of each small detail, acting as your administrative manager.

Tax returns

Depending the type of property, the buyer is liable by different taxes managed by different Administrations. We will take care on your behalf of doing the whole tax work.

Registration of Property Deeds

We will present the property deeds at the Land Registry to be inscribed, doing all what is necessary to eliminate any prior charge on the property.

Everything needed to Complete

During the administrative process, in case of any request from the different Administrations or Entities involved in the purchasing, we will be there to attend it and respond on your behalf in order to everything ends properly.

Prior to this, It will be necessary get an Spanish identification number (NIE) and open an account in a bank that works in Spain...All these issues are part of our tasks.


switch house supplies in Spain today

Ancillary Services



Before, during and after the purchase process, we will take care of every legal, fiscal, administrative or practical detail having something to do with the purchase...As for example...


Obtain the Residence Visa due to investment in Property

If the reason of buying the property in Spain is because of getting the residence permit due to investment in a property in Spain, we will take care of the whole administrative process to obtain it.


Every detail will be assisted, Applying and getting the NIE (Spanish fiscal Identification number), Opening a Bank account, Notification to the Community of Owners, The Change on the ownership of the Home Utilities...We'll be there for you.


Our Goal


Our goal is finish the purchase process of your property in Spain avoiding pitfalls.


float future assistance with property  in Spain today

Future Assistance



Sp Legal Consultants team will be on hand to help you. Just ask us and we will resolve it together... Legal issues, Tax advice...




What if...?

What if I finally don't buy?


Nothing happens. Our policy is No deal, No fee. if in the end, no matter the reason, you decide not to buy a property, you won't pay a thing.


What if the owner of a property that I have found doesn't want to pay the fee?

The properties that we'll show you, all of them, will have the prior agreement about our fees with the seller. Just in the case of you find a property by your self and the seller refuse to pay our fee, we can not offer our services with zero cost for you. In this situation the fee for our whole intervention in the purchase process is the 2,5% of the property price (minimum €3000) plus taxes.

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information about property for sale in Spain
Lawyers in Spain specialized in Spanish property
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