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No matter where are you searching in order to buy a property in Spain, the first and main piece of advice is that you are not in a hurry. Looking at the Spanish property market, the wise way to act is take time to know the different areas, the things that make one zone special. If you buy a house in a place, you are going to use much of your time in that area, so it is important to know it well enough to think that you and your family will enjoy staying there each time you go.

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There are many variables that can influence your decision and that will affect the success of your investment both financially and personally.

Best Location

At the moment of buy property in Spain, the location is the most important factor in your investment, but not the only one.

It is important where the property is located. You have to look aspects as the SAFETY of the area, the type of neighbors you will have. If a property is very cheap compared to the average prices may be due to this factor.


Another important fact buying a house in Spain are the infraestructures of all kinds, from Regional level (is there an international airport within an acceptable distance, trains, motorways ...), Local (nearby health services, police, schools, markets ...) and neighborhood (streets , street lighting, supplies). The authorities in Spain are not in their best economic times, what is not already made in an area do not expect it within the next 10 years, unless extreme necessity.

Demanded areas

Search in the demanded areas to buy property, they may have more expensive price but when you have to sell in the future is more likely to get the best price.


The amusements around are another very important factor. The possibility of making short trips to nearby destinations in the area with cultural, gastronomic, sporting or whatever other interest ... The amusements around make our property in Spain acquires the best added value.

Seasonal influence

Many coastal areas in Spain are intended to holidays and the rest of the year down markedly in their lifestyle. There are areas where the months of July and August are the hustle and bustle and the rest of the year turns into in abandoned neigborhoods where even the most basic services are closed. It is advisable to get informed, or even visit the area off-season to get an idea of what awaits us in the winter time.

The exterior appearance of the building and common areas

When a building is integrated within a community of owners has the advantage, when well managed, that every building improvement is paid by all residents, which it's the best due to contributes to a lower expenses and good care of the facilities.

The problem occurs when the comunity of owners do not act in such way, either for lack of interest, either for lack of funds, or simply bad management. It is important to observe the state of the common areas, see if they need urgent repairs, ask the administrator and president of the community about information and budget to draw conclusions about their lines of action and financial status. A good apartment in a bad comunity in Spain is not the best investment.

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information about property for sale in Spain
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